Are you about to be a dad / father? Are you looking for a parental guide ? A survival kit to pregnancy and beyond? Or just looking for knowledge,  tips, advice, videos and articles for parenthood? Then you are in the right place.  

Hello and Welcome. 

With so many books and websites with tips and advice about motherhood, it seems the resources for fatherhood have taken the back seat.  Where’s our father to be survival hand book? Fatherhood role models have changed dramatically since “Father Knows Best”.  However, one key element that should always remain important is that family always comes first, and that’s exactly what Jim Anderson always did, but it wasn’t always an easy task.

Most fathers’ feel they’ve been left on their own to navigate the challenges of fatherhood, and feel it’s a dead-end road that yet never seems to end. Most men are great at hiding their fears about being a “bad father”, but there’s no need to run from your fears. Abouttobeadad.co.uk is here to help because I care about fathers and their families.

My website will provide new dads and dads to be, the encouragement, advice and tips to help them in their ongoing fatherhood journey. I am a father myself of two amazing boys, I run my own successful business and I’m the author of “About to be a dad: Father to be Guide to Pregnancy”. I have also just finished my recent eBook “Secrets to Fatherhood”, and I will be writing and providing more eBooks and audio downloads of interviews with fathers as they reveal their tricks and secrets on bringing up children.

Stay tuned for more intriguing tips and advice. My website is slowly being created, but together we will grow together in our challenges and triumphs.

Thanks for getting to know more about Abouttobeadad.co.uk! I look forward to getting to know you!

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